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2014 FCIAA Training Opportunity
The Florida Crime and Intelligence Analysis Association presents a one day training workshop dedicated to forecasting. This training will be conducted at the Florida Institute of Technology located in Melbourne, Florida. The time and date of this training workshop is Thursday August 7th 2014 from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. Please select 2014 FCIAA Forecasting Workshop for additional information. To register for the workshop please select Training Workshop Registration.

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New Members, If you are interested in becoming a new FCIAA member, please submit an online Membership Application by clicking Membership Registration. You will receive an immediate confirmation via email that your application has been received and is being reviewed for acceptance.

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2014 FCIAA Annual Training Conference

A Message from the FCIAA President

I would like to personally welcome each of you to the 2014 FCIAA Annual Training Conference. Each year, we convene to share valuable information regarding best practices, new technologies and proven analytic methods, all aimed at enhancing our abilities to provide investigative support and timely intelligence. This year is no exception. We are collaborating with private sector partners to improve information sharing and expand our networking ability.

We now have a unique opportunity to shape the future of our profession. As technology continues to advance, it is imperative that we evolve and embrace these changes, while holding firm to the analytical foundation that our training and experience has provided us. It is important to get involved in the process and offer solutions, from an analyst's perspective, to help solve crimes, advise decision makers and protect our homeland.

As we continue to improve information sharing, let's also continue to build strong relationships within our membership community. This conference provides a great opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old ones. Hopefully we can meet personally, however; do be careful because there are always opportunities (committees) available within the FCIAA and we are continuously looking for people to step up to the plate to help builder a strong FCIAA community. Have a great conference and I look forward to seeing you over the next few days!

Kind Regards,

Maceo Pickett

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